The spruces

Sapa corner

Happy Friday, Brothers and Sisters!

How are you doing?

Do you like pine trees? If yes, you definitely need to visit Sapa at least once.  There are many kinds of pines here. A mong them, spruce is most common and we can see it everywhere in Sapa.

The spruces have  conical shape. They are big, and their average height is between 10 and 20m. Each branch of a spruce has a lot of small needles. The needles are stiff, slender, pointy, and symmetrical on the branches.

The spruces 2

The spruce cones are soft and flaky. The cones look pretty and as tiny as jujubes. When the spruce needles and cones get old, their colours will turn from green to brown. This is also the time when the dried branches fall on the ground.

The spruces 3

Besides providing oxygen and beautifying Sapa, spruces are also home to many kinds of birds, especially sparrows. People also use  spruces for Christmas decoration.

I really love the spruces in Sapa as they are like our close friends who always stand firm and are there for us.

Wishing you all a fresh day!

An An

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