Christmas in Sapa

Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Today is Christmas. I’m celebrating Christmas. How is Christmas celebrated where you live?

In Sapa, Christmas this year is quieter compared to previous years. Because of Coronavirus pandemic, there are no festival events, and not many visitors came here on Christmas Eve. However, I still feel the joyful Christmas atmosphere in every corner of Sapa.

These days in Sapa, the weather has been colder, the spruces on the streets have become gorgeous Christmas trees, and the Stone Church looks stunning in the night like a painting drawn by sketches of light. Almost everyone is relishing Christmas with joy and happiness. 

I love celebrating Christmas because it’s the time for me to send my gifts and best wishes to everyone. Christmas is also meaningful to me as it reminds me of the marvelous birth of Jesus. 

Merry Christmas to you all. 


An An  

P.S. I love to send you a Christmas letter from Sapa. Enjoy your Christmas Eve, Brothers and Sisters. 

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