Murals on the wall of the old cemetery

Saigon corner

Dear brothers and sisters,

Phan Liem street in District 1 was one of four streets that made a block which was Mac Dinh Chi cemetery. After 1975, Mac Dinh Chi cemetery was cleared to make room for what is Le Van Tam park today. (See Mac Dinh Chi cemetery’s history here >>). 

The cemetery had four cement walls fencing it along the four streets. Three walls on Vo Thi Sau, Hai Ba Trung and Dien Bien Phu were knocked down to build the park. However, the wall along Phan Liem street was saved, probably to preserve a historical land mark for the cemetery. That wall is still here now.

Several days ago, I discover Phan Liem street and the cemetery wall by chance. The wall has so many beautiful murals running along its entire  length. The murals are about saving-the-environment messages. Today, I come back to take some pictures of the murals to share with you all.

Here they are:

The murals end at the end of Phan Liem street. Turning left, we would be on Vo Thi Sau street to walk along the edge of Le Van Tam park. This is the corner of Phan Liem and Vo Thi Sau:

This is the entrance into the park:

The center piece of the park is the statue of Le Van Tam, named Duoc Song.

Have a nice day in the park.

Phạm Thu Hương

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