Plum blossoms


Sapa corner

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

How are you doing? Have you ever seen the plum blossoms in Sapa?

When it comes to plum blossoms, people are often confused between plum blossoms and cherry blossoms, as these two kinds of flowers look quite similar.

However, it seems that plum blossoms usually bloom earlier in winter while the flowering time of cherry blossoms is in mid March. Besides, plum blossom petals have round tips,  unlike cherry blossoms with a notch at the tip of each petal.

Plum blossoms
Cherry blossoms

Though Sapa is in mid winter, it’s freezing, wet, and misty. However, there are some plum blossoms blooming beautifully. It’s such a miracle to see plum blossoms in full bloom. The pink petals of the flowers are fragile, but these flowers are still strong enough to arrive in Sapa’s chilly winter.


Plum blossoms are known as a symbol of spring, happiness, and good fortune. This kind of flower truly brings joy and cheer to everyone.

Each time seeing the early blooming of plum blossoms in Sapa, I know that spring and the new year are coming.

Wishing you a New Year as cheerful as plum blossoms.

Best wishes,

An An

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