Poetic Hanoi with yellow-leaves-streets

Nhandan Friday, 2019-02-15 12:54:44

In the early days of spring, it is the season of leaves changing.

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NDO – In the early days of spring, Hanoi features a romantic beauty, when the yellow and red colours of the leaves are dyed brilliantly in a familiar corner. The rows of Bang lang (Giant Crape-myrtle) tree, Loc vung (Barringtonia acutangula) trees are changing the colour. In the background of the blue sky, each of the yellow leaves, the red leaves, sway lightly in the wind.

Coming to Hanoi, many people think that they have just been lost in a romantic fairyland with the yellow and red colours.

Just a few weeks ago, the tree was still green, yet it seemed that after only one night, everyone was surprised by the glow of yellow and red leaves dyed all over the sky.

Red leaves of Bang (Terminalia catappa) blossoms stand out against the deep blue sky.

Loc vung tree near Hoan Kiem Lake attracts many people to take souvenir photos.

Brilliant yellow colour in the corner of Luong Van Can Street.

Bang lang tree on Kim Ma road.

The red leaf beside an old house.

The falling leaves have stirred many people.

Hanoi is gentle and romantic, making people who go far away always remember.

Photo: NDO/Dang Anh – The DaiHa

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