Tuyen Quang boasts poetic mountainous landscapes

Last update 15:17 | 20/06/2017

The noreastern province of Tuyen Quang has a forest coverage of nearly 85 percent of its land area, and 8,000 hectares of lakes with poetic landscapes.

Tourists will enjoy close-to-nature daily activities in the Thuong Lam area, surrounded by 99 mountains.
A view of Na Hang lake in the afternon
Thac Mo is one of the tourist icons in Na Hang district

The legend has it that a woman called Mo and her husband lived in the foot of the Pac Ban mountain

One day, the husband went to the forests to pick up medical herbs and never came back. Mo missed him so much that she looked for him in the forests and got lost. She died and turned into a waterfall now called ‘Thac Mo’.


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