Flax weaving by Mong ethnics in Dong Van Karst Plateau

Last update 15:07 | 15/06/2017

For generations, the Mong ethnic minority group in the Dong Van Karst Plateau, northern Ha Giang province, has woven threads made of flax plant into colourful fabrics.

Dried flax plants are used to make threads.
A Mong woman uses a special technique to connect different flax strands into a long thread.

The thread-making process is painstaking and time-consuming.

Flax threads are hung to dry.

A flax thread roll ready to be woven.

Flex thread is rough but strong and provides fine insulation, which is suitable to the weather condition in Dong Van and local Mong ethnics’ lifestyle.

The weaving loom of the Mong ethnic group in Dong Van has a belt at its ends to be fastened around the waist of the weaver.

Bee wax painting technique is employed to create patterns for flax fabrics. The process is often done by experienced weavers.

A group of Mong women are choosing fabrics.

Mong children learn to sew from a very young age

Traditional flax fabrics are sold for tourists.


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