Ảnh sinh hoạt hằng ngày – Nov 8, 2016 – Taking a photo of a sound

The second workshop on photography: I more and more realize that it is an amazing course with Jamie, our artist instructor.

We had a homework last Wednesday, which was to take a photo of a sound.

Many good work my classmates had made and brought to the class. Here is my learning lessons:

  • Artists step out of their comfortable zone, going above what is ordinary. They can be very insecure, very uncomfortable when doing their artwork.
  • Many artists just take pictures of people who they know, those people and places that they have their connections, and their work is still extraordinary.
  • A photo is able to speak for itself by its shape, colors, light/dark, contrast, symbols, every details… A photo has its visual meaning of things and people. Trust that a photo has everything and learn to read it.
A flap of a butterfly’s wings

And yes, a photo can be very quiet or loud, based on its colors, shapes, spaces, less or more details… My photo above is seen as very loud. You know why? 😀

Trần Hồng Hạnh


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